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Photos of Products listed on E-Bay

Bath Set in Gift Box: Gift Boxed Bath oil, Bath salt and Soap. All pure, vegetable source ingredients for your benefit! Nature at its' finest!
Ceramic Set Bath Products: Bath Salts, Bath Oils, and Soap in Ceramic Sets, compliment all natural, top quality bath products.
Cold Process Soap, Top Quality, All Vegetable!: Cold Process soap with a high natural glycerine content. All Natural and made form the finest vegetable ingredients. Natures best coming to your bath and hand soaps!
Bath Salts, All top quality, Natural Ingredients: All natural bath salts made from pure natural sources. Scented with essential oils! Nature's best coming to your bath!
Bath Oils, all top quality, natural ingredients: Bath oil that only takes 3-5 drops per bath! That's because it is pure, natural, vegetable ingredients! Natures best coming to your bath!
Baby Soft Set This set combines a combination of our line for infants, elderly and those with sensitive skin. You get a bar of soap, bottle of bath oil, and the multi-purpose balm for baby's rashes, skin irritations of just about any kind, or use it as a lip balm! So practical! Again all pure, natural, vegetable sources. Nature at its' best to help protect baby's skin too!

All Natural, Vegetable Source Bath Products

These bath products are made of the finest quality, all natural sources.

Our soaps are made from pure vegetable oils including Coconut, Palm Kernel, Extra Virgin Olive oil, pure water, Sodium Hydroxide, and pure Essential Oils for scenting and skin care.

Each batch is carefully hand stirred to bring the soap to trace and poured into the molds. Once it has set properly it is removed from the mold, hand cut, and cured until it is ready to be used. It is then wrapped, labeled and shipped to you.

Our Bath Salts are made from the highest quality, extra fine ground Magnesium Solfate U SP, Sea and Mineral Salts, and Sodium Carbonate. These ingredients are carefully measured for just the right blend, hand stirred until they are well blended, then we add pure Essential Oils for just the right blend for scenting, skin care and relaxation. You only need 1-3 Tablespoons per bath! No additives are used as fillers to add bulk to make you feel you are getting more for your money.

Our Bath Oils are made from a very carefully measured blend of the highest quality Sweet Almond, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pure Essential Oils. You only need 3 to 5 drops per bath for skin freshening and softening results! There are no harsh additives, or bulk producing fillers to make it look like you are getting more for your money! It is simple, pure and the best quality you can buy!

Choose from these sents

(Everyone loves and appreciates the wonderful scent of lavender! It is America's favorite scent!

2-Baby Soft
(Lavender made more mild for infants and those with tender skin. Wonderful for aging skin as well!

3-Pacific Orchards
(smells like blossoming orchards of the Pacific Northwest!)

(Smells like the real plant! No need to wait for the holidays to enjoy the freshness of Mistletoe!)

5-Orange Mist
(smells like oranges being peeled while walking through a forest.

6-Sweet Orange
(Smells like fresh-picked, tree ripened orages!)

7-Oregon Mist
(Smells like walking in the Oregon Cascades after a cleansing rainfall. Very refreshing!)

8-Peppermint Kisses
(smells like the sweetness of a candy cane.)

9-Cascade Mornings
(smells like the Oregon Cascades, early in the morning while the dew is still on the grass.)

(smells like the freshenss of the great outdoors. Like a breeze blowing gently though blossoming orchards and through the pine trees as well.)

11-Pumpkin Pie
(Smells like the name states, Pumpkin Pie! Great scent!)

Specials for e-Bay bidders! Check each link! Each listing is a minimum bid of $15.00. Tax is included within the price. All you pay is your bid plus $5.00 postage! No better deals anywhere!