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We now have a new domain and Business name Mistletoe Creations

Last revised November 16, 2004

Country Woman Featured Simply Unique's Fresh Mistletoe in the Nov-Dec 2002 "Country Woman Magazine" issue New Sites

Clouds rolling in and spilling in through the mountains in Oregon.

Oregon Mist
Oregonians may have a lot of rain to deal with day in and day out, but the lush green vegetation, flowers, rivers, lakes and streams make up for it all! Even though Oregonians may tire of the rain, no one ever tires of the magnificient beauty surrounding the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Highways! (read about it)

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Have you ever wanted to study the intricate nature of a spider web? Now you can! You can see and feel them without having their natural sticky fibers sticking to your skin, or the worry of a spider crawling on your skin. Specially prepared, these webs are mounted permanently to a rock. Never be afraid of these wonders of nature again!
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