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Peppermint Kisses Bath Kit

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Last revised November 16, 2004

Mountain Fresh Bath Kit

Simply Unique's bath kits are made of all 100% Natural Ingredients.

Our 3.33-ounce "Cold Process" soap bar is made of Simply Unique's carefully balanced blend of Cottonseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, pure distilled water, sodium hydroxide and our special blend of pure essential oils. This blend is sure to please you as it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, soft, and refreshed. Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, gives a refreshing scent the finest peppermint growing on a warm, breezy summer day”. You'll love this blend anytime of the year.

Our 2-ounce bottle of bath oil is made of the purest Sweet Almond Oil and our blend of Pure Peppermint Essentials Oil. Due to the quality of the oils we use, our bath oils require only 3 to 5 drops per bath! This blend leaves your skin feeling silky soft, shining and radiant. The dropper tip botle and over cap insure against spills and over-use.

Our 6-ounce bath salt is a real winner! Our specially balanced blend of Magnesium Sulfate USP, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salts, and Peppermint Essential Oil leaves you skin refreshed, nourished and relaxed. You may have a hard time getting used to the fact, you only need 1 to 3 tablespoons per bath! THe re-usable glass jar has a cork stopper top, it is easy to pour and measure the correct amount of bath salts. (Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.)

Our 2-ounce jar of body powder is so silky, you’ll fall in love with it the very first time you apply it. Just put a little on the tips of your fingers and spread it on smoothly. This powder made of the finest cornstarch blended with pure Peppermint Essential Oil, leaves your skin smooth. We do not use talc, so you have no worries about Simply Unique body powder clogging your pores. Apply when your skin is dry. The re-usable plastic jar is a handy size for many little items.

We have added a bath fluffy you can use in shower or tub. All neatly displayed in a re-usable, see-through display, carry box. Just add a bow and card and it is ready for gift giving!

Retail price: $25.00 plus $6.95 Shipping & Handling

Prices subject to change wtihout notice

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